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1st Annual Benfits Dinner Morweh Self-Help Initiative (MORSHI)

OUR MISSION:    To make needed services available to most at risk children of socially excluded  families in towns and villages of Liberia and Africa, by helping them gain access to at least primary education so as to become productive participants in society; promote the value of self-worth and dignity among marginalized families by helping develop critical life skills that will improve their living standards; to empower women so as to protect their children from exploitation through child labor or sex-slavery.




Donate today, and you would be serving his need.


***(Just pause for a moment and think - If you found Jesus to be in need of a drink of water, what would you do? Ref. Matt. 25:35.)****


Help Morweh Self-Help Initiative today to meet this need. By making safe drinking water available to the "least" of his brothers and sisters, you do it for Jesus. Help install Hand- pumps for them. Make a Donation.

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Who we are

Morweh Self-Help Initiative USA is a nonprofit organization providing services to most at risk children of socially excluded village families.

Join us to secure and protect a future for these unfortunate children by helping them gain access to safe drinking-water and primary education.  Make a donation today!

Support a Life-saving Cause! Give Water, Give Life.





The Mission of Morweh Self-Help Initiative is to make needed services available to most at risk children of socially excluded families in towns and villages, by helping them gain access to primary education so as to ably participate in society; to promote the value of self-worth and dignity among marginalized families by helping them develop critical life skills that will improve their living standards; to empower through education, the most vulnerable families to protect their children, women, and sick and elderly.




Our vision is safe-drinking water, standard education, and healthcare for the most at risk children.




call: 610 8332460 or fill out our contact form.


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